Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Reaching Grandmaster and Bad Farming Luck

I am on a ROLL--3 posts in a day!

So today, I got my very first GRANDMASTER! *sqee* She was the first character I had ever created, Life, and *sniff sniff* my lil Novice is all grown up. Bad news is, though, I hadn't even finished the Dragonspyre main quest line. Probably due to the fact that before I started paying, I got to level 13 in Wizard City, lotsa Scarecrows dead because of me :D

So, meaning, I can't go to Malistaire's Lair, and therefore--cannot get my GM robe. Darn.

Another bummer: I farmed Viktor Snowcrusher for two hours today. Nothing. No boots. Zip. Nada. I did, however, get the GM Balance hat, shoes, and athame. In the words of my ITS friend, "Geez, it must be a good day for Sorcerers everywhere!" And I got Malistaire's Storm robe and Snowcrusher's Ice boots.

Although my luck was bad (or regular--I don't have much farming experience) I did manage to get 2 Skeletal Warrior pets while the poor Pyromancers beside me got 3 pairs of GM Life boots. It's times like these that make me wish for an "Item-trade" button.

Happy questing in the Spiral!
-=||Jessica GreenRiver||=-

Question of the Day:
How long did it take you to get a full set of GM gear?
I look forward to hearing your answers!

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