Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jessica DreamRiver: Trophy Room Pains

What is up, wizards? Sis here has challenged me to create this post with no apostrophes. So here we go!

I have put my Life GM on a temporary haitus ( a.k.a. hoping Kraysys will magically drop the hat while I am gone). That is why most of the posts will be of my Balance alt (previously introduced).

So today I got that quest to go into the Krok-Land Trophy Room, the one with the puzzle and the book that says, "Patience is a virtue." I got stuck in there with my friend, Blaze (sidenote: Why is Blaze such a popular name? Just wondering.) and he was running around for five minutes before I slapped myself on the forhead and thought of Wizard101 Wikia! Doh!

Combo is Sun, Moon, Crocodile, if anyone needed that.

I opened up the site and looked up the quest. However, when the chest appeared, I got to it first and it disappeared so Blaze did not get it. Poor guy, he had to spend another ten minutes re-doing the room because his computer crashed.

Also, Jess got the Inferno Cat in the Throne Room of Fire. The Inferno Cat looks just like a Firecat, but with a pedigree of 36 (instead of 28) and comes with a Firecat card. Eh, nothing special but better than the stray piggle.

Happy questing in the Spiral!
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