Sunday, August 22, 2010

Of Delays and Wands

Well I was originally going to post a pretty long-winded agrument against newbie discrimination, but I saw the sheer number of threads on Central that have already argued every aspect of the topic so, uh, what to write now......

Oh yeah! I had planned to do the Malistaire Mashie but Wizard101 was suffering from wizard-overload. So no dice.

On another note, I carry a Life wand, and I'm Life. For my play style, it works since Life has no DOT. But people tell me I should carry a Death wand instead. So what should I do? Keep, switch, or put a whole weapon rack's worth of wands in my pack?


  1. The only school I'd recommend getting their own school sword/wand is Storm ( cause of the spell that removes weakness, but Storm should have a Myth sword in v. Storm battles. ) But keep the Life one, in case you battle a Death, but maybe you should get a Death sword/wand, farm Ivan Soulsinger-Drake Hatchery if ya want it :)