Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Introducing Jessica DreamRiver!

Well, not exactly introducing, per se, since she's already an Adept (just turned 20 today, in fact!). She's the little Sorcerer I escape to whenever the going gets tedious on my Life GM, which seems to happen more often now. Did I mentiom, still no Life Hat from Kraysys? Gosh, I'm starting to drive everyone on my friends' list insane with my constant, "can you help me farm?"

Anyway, I had my Life GM buy her all the newest duds and Jessica DreamRiver is lookin' spiffy! (BTW, DreamRiver for lvl20 Balance. GreenRiver for lvl50 Life).

And since I get bored easily, I just went ahead and created four more little novices (every school except fire. Sorry Pyromancers.) and helped them through Unicorn Way.

Well that's all the newest stuffs in my sector of the Spiral.....Oh wait! I forgot: I bought my Life a 15,000 gold house from MooShu. Next step, getting to Master Artisan.....Darn you, elusive Black Lotus.

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