Monday, August 30, 2010

Computer Complaints

Well good news, Balance alt completed Marleybone.

Bad news: computer crashed first in the middle of a fight with Dr. Von Katzenstein, and then during the Meowiarty battle. I swear, the thing's out to get me. I took tons of pictures too, but they were lost during the crashes. So I can't go ITS until my parents figure out what's up wih the computer. Personally, I think it's time for a new one (it is like a senior citizen dinosaur!).

I also had a bit of a blonde moment. You know when you sell stuff in the Bazaar, it automatically skips over the item you have equiped? Well I bought a wand and forgot to unequip my old one so I ended up selling my new one /sad face

+= Jessica
GreenRiver =+

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Deck Building Tips: For Beginners

Well, the worst of the sickness is over; all that's left is tons of bedrest. Also, I've been put on W101 probation for the rest of the day, for gamin' with a fever. Haha, sorry Mom.

So since I can't do anything else, I decided to make a (kinda) random blog post, my own lil' list of tips for all you aspiring wizards out there.

1. Fill your deck with only what you need.
I learned this one the hard way. I used to pack my deck with every card I had, so street battles took an insane amount of time. In fact, it never occured to me to take out the excess cards--until level 39. Yeah, common sense isn't so common in my head :)
So for example, if you had to fight Fire Elves on Firecat Alley, only put in fire shields and any 2nd rank spell so you can finish them with one hit (but also include Pixie, just in case). Don't bother with 3 pip spells because it's excess damage you don't need.

2. Don't include Infections, "Reduce threat on Target" spells, Taunt, and Stun Blocks.
Wizard City creatures don't heal or stun, Taunt will get you killed, and "Reducing Threat" doesn't do much at all.
Note: #2 doesn't apply to the Warehouse. But that's a different nightmare altogether ;)

3. Don't invest your Training Points in a different school just because they do more damage.
Take me, for example. I am Life, and used to have Myth as a 2nd to make up for Life's lack of power. At lower levels, when power pips are non-exsistant, that tactic works. But around level 30, it just isn't worth it because
1) No extra damage to your 2nd school from your equipement
2) Why wait 5 turns to cast Minotaur when I can cast a Centaur in 4? (yes, I'm talking 'bout those power pips. BTW, power pips are the yellow pips that stand for 2 pips, but only for your school spells. By Magus level, your Power Pip percentage is pretty dependable).
By my level then, I could get my own school's spell out faster while doing more damage (from Blades and/or equipement boosts).

Hope those tips were helpful! Now I'm going to take a little nappy....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Malistaire's Revenge...or maybe just Karma

'Ello, fellow wizpeeps. Today I was eatin' my noodles when suddenly....erm, never mind. The point is I'm really sick and if I were a cartoon, I'd be green like a pea.

Now I think it was not my SISTER who got me sick (ignoring the fact that she sneezed in my milk) but rather the Wizard101 gods. I'm betting my Storm Snowman that they were really ticked off when I got nearly all my GM gear (yup, your conspiracy failed. Ha!) and decided to get revenge...and cursed me with death by -insert disgusting symptom here-.

Maybe my fever just needs to break. I'm probably not thinking straight. In fact, I'm going to put my iPod down right now before -insert disgusting symptom here- decides to make another appearence.

Quick question everyone-
Does Hyde Park in Marleybone lag horribly for you? Because it always seems to for me. Just Hyde Park and no other area....

A Frosty would really be nice right now,
Jessica GreenRiver   

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Problemo here

I post from my iPod Touch and I accidently made this one and can't find how to delete disregard this please.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Of Vampires and Mockingjays

Last night, two very exciting events happened IRL-
1. Saw Vampires Suck 
2. Stayed up past midnight to read Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Firstly, I'd rather not talk about Vampires Suck on my blog. It is VERY PG13 and I'm trying to keep this post G or PG. However, I have to say it had me rolling on the floor (not literally) for most of the one and a half hour. A warning, though, to any parents: if your children want to see this, beware of the innuendos aplenty. Also, the Edward-look-alike needs to lighten up on the mascara :)

And Mockingjay, oh dear Mockingjay. How lucky I am to hold you in my hand, espdcially after seeing how many holds were on it in my library. 

For those who don't know, Mockingjay is the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay). The trilogy is about a girl named Katniss who replaces her sister in a fight-to-the-death competition. Very sci-fi-y. 
Anyway, I stayed up most of the night and early morning reading under the covers. Wish I could say more but I'm pretty sure you guys would strangle me in my sleep, so no spoilers! But just so you know, it. Is. Epical. Very epical. So yup! Good luck getting a copy and if you can't try and search "Mockingjay."

And now for my ITS updates....
1. Made Storm alt. 
2. Storm alt. is lvl17
3. Storm alt. keeps dying. 

Nothing really special there, except this further proves the fact that I have to stop making alts. 

So....yeah. Happy questing!
Jessica GreenRiver 

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Demise of Mali Drake

Yup, he's down. However, I missed half of the battle because my computer crashed. /frowny-face

Also, I'm officially an Adept Crafter and I got the Dragonspyre crafting quest (an absolute nightmare). Tweny Black Lotuses, ten Diamonds, and nine Ghost Fires. /heddesk

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Of Delays and Wands

Well I was originally going to post a pretty long-winded agrument against newbie discrimination, but I saw the sheer number of threads on Central that have already argued every aspect of the topic so, uh, what to write now......

Oh yeah! I had planned to do the Malistaire Mashie but Wizard101 was suffering from wizard-overload. So no dice.

On another note, I carry a Life wand, and I'm Life. For my play style, it works since Life has no DOT. But people tell me I should carry a Death wand instead. So what should I do? Keep, switch, or put a whole weapon rack's worth of wands in my pack?

Lack 'o Library

Hey Spiralites.....

How are you guys doing today? Me, not so well.

Today, I went over to my local library and this is the the sign that greeted me, "Due to budget cuts, library hours are as follows: Closed early on Saturdays.
Closed on Sundays."

Uh oh, the recession is really hitting home now....

The unhappy book-free Theurgist,
:( Jessica GreenRiver ):

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pictures at Last!

Yup, I finally have pictures (well, just one, actually.) This is my Life GM, Jessica GreenRiver (toldja she was blue). She's standing at the Dragon's Roost. Speaking of which, I need to beat Malistaire's dungeon. Help, anyone?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wolf in Sheep's Clothes

Hello wizards!

Today, I was doing some practice in the Arena and in 4v4, I was tired of everyone killing me first (this is on my Life GM). Every match, someone was like, "Kill Jessica first" and Bam-Shalam, double-bladed Triton!

So I went down to the Dye shop and dyed my gear Blue and Black, because I have enough health to pass for a Ice person.....I think. And Voila, the next match, no one tried to slaughter me......until I used Rebirth twice in a row *cackle cackle*

I think the title is appropriate, no?

And that's all the news from my part of the Spiral!

The newly-makeover-ed wiz,
ه ه ه ه ه Jessica GreenRiver ه ه ه ه ه

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jessica DreamRiver: Trophy Room Pains

What is up, wizards? Sis here has challenged me to create this post with no apostrophes. So here we go!

I have put my Life GM on a temporary haitus ( a.k.a. hoping Kraysys will magically drop the hat while I am gone). That is why most of the posts will be of my Balance alt (previously introduced).

So today I got that quest to go into the Krok-Land Trophy Room, the one with the puzzle and the book that says, "Patience is a virtue." I got stuck in there with my friend, Blaze (sidenote: Why is Blaze such a popular name? Just wondering.) and he was running around for five minutes before I slapped myself on the forhead and thought of Wizard101 Wikia! Doh!

Combo is Sun, Moon, Crocodile, if anyone needed that.

I opened up the site and looked up the quest. However, when the chest appeared, I got to it first and it disappeared so Blaze did not get it. Poor guy, he had to spend another ten minutes re-doing the room because his computer crashed.

Also, Jess got the Inferno Cat in the Throne Room of Fire. The Inferno Cat looks just like a Firecat, but with a pedigree of 36 (instead of 28) and comes with a Firecat card. Eh, nothing special but better than the stray piggle.

Happy questing in the Spiral!
[[[ Jessica GreenRiver ]]]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Introducing Jessica DreamRiver!

Well, not exactly introducing, per se, since she's already an Adept (just turned 20 today, in fact!). She's the little Sorcerer I escape to whenever the going gets tedious on my Life GM, which seems to happen more often now. Did I mentiom, still no Life Hat from Kraysys? Gosh, I'm starting to drive everyone on my friends' list insane with my constant, "can you help me farm?"

Anyway, I had my Life GM buy her all the newest duds and Jessica DreamRiver is lookin' spiffy! (BTW, DreamRiver for lvl20 Balance. GreenRiver for lvl50 Life).

And since I get bored easily, I just went ahead and created four more little novices (every school except fire. Sorry Pyromancers.) and helped them through Unicorn Way.

Well that's all the newest stuffs in my sector of the Spiral.....Oh wait! I forgot: I bought my Life a 15,000 gold house from MooShu. Next step, getting to Master Artisan.....Darn you, elusive Black Lotus.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of New Housing and Updates...I Think

So I'm making this quick and straight to the point; I really need to get some Z's.

1. Heard there's going to be a maintainence thing goin' on tonight. I'm praying to the MMO gods it's Celestia and level 60.
2. Bought a new house (the 15,000 one in MooShu). Decoratin' time!

'Kay, that's about it! Good night and good bye,
Jessica GreenRiver

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Luck has Turned :)

Short n' simp: I got my GM Life boots today. They're wonderful and all, but they don't match the rest of my gear. The inner fashionista in me is shaking her fists at the world.

Also, I accidently stitched a pair of GM Ice boots to a newbie boot. Whoops. It's a good thing I have two of them!

Also, one of my friends raised an interesting question: if you had 2 reshuffles in your deck,given that you didn't discard any, wouldn't you never run out of cards? Let me clarify:
So in this hypothetical situation, Player uses X cards, then a reshuffle. The cards get put in and the reshuffle goes out. Then, the player uses X cards again, and another reshuffle. The X cards returnto the deck and the reshuffle is removed. But what happens to the first reshuffle, sitting there in the discard pile? Wouldn't that get rehuffled back in as well? Then, couldn't the whole process repeat over and over again?

Actually, this is something I really want to know the answer to. Do the reshuffles get a special, separate discard pile of their own to prevent, as I'd call it, the Infinite Reshuffle?

Happy questing, Wizards!
-~=Jessica GreenRiver=~-

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm finally getting on my Twitter again (JessTheTheurge--follow if you want).
And I'm discovering the wonders of HTML and RSS. Ah, dear Internet. And in the words of my much-loved sister, "Wow, you're such an Internet noob!" Love ya too, sis!

Happy questing in the Spiral!
.: JessicaGreenRiver :.

Of Reaching Grandmaster and Bad Farming Luck

I am on a ROLL--3 posts in a day!

So today, I got my very first GRANDMASTER! *sqee* She was the first character I had ever created, Life, and *sniff sniff* my lil Novice is all grown up. Bad news is, though, I hadn't even finished the Dragonspyre main quest line. Probably due to the fact that before I started paying, I got to level 13 in Wizard City, lotsa Scarecrows dead because of me :D

So, meaning, I can't go to Malistaire's Lair, and therefore--cannot get my GM robe. Darn.

Another bummer: I farmed Viktor Snowcrusher for two hours today. Nothing. No boots. Zip. Nada. I did, however, get the GM Balance hat, shoes, and athame. In the words of my ITS friend, "Geez, it must be a good day for Sorcerers everywhere!" And I got Malistaire's Storm robe and Snowcrusher's Ice boots.

Although my luck was bad (or regular--I don't have much farming experience) I did manage to get 2 Skeletal Warrior pets while the poor Pyromancers beside me got 3 pairs of GM Life boots. It's times like these that make me wish for an "Item-trade" button.

Happy questing in the Spiral!
-=||Jessica GreenRiver||=-

Question of the Day:
How long did it take you to get a full set of GM gear?
I look forward to hearing your answers!

First Post!

Hello everyone, even though-probably-no one's going to read this. Welcome to my blog. Since I didn't feel like writing a profile, I'll just introduce myself a bit now.

I am an avid player of an online MMO called Wizard101.
I have a bland personality and a mossy fishtank (sorry Goldy).
I....really have nothing else to say about myself.

Wow, looking back on what I wrote 20 seconds ago, this has been a major bust.

Anyway, a little info on my in-game character, Jessica GreenRiver:
She is a Theurgist (Life school kid).
She disguises herself behind a "Golem Tower Champion" badge.
She is of the 50th level.

I think maybe, I should have been more subtle about my intros....
Oh well, happy questing in the Spiral!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Under Construction

Welcome to my blog! Unfortunately, this is still under construction so tune in later (once I finally get arround to designing this...)