Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Luck has Turned :)

Short n' simp: I got my GM Life boots today. They're wonderful and all, but they don't match the rest of my gear. The inner fashionista in me is shaking her fists at the world.

Also, I accidently stitched a pair of GM Ice boots to a newbie boot. Whoops. It's a good thing I have two of them!

Also, one of my friends raised an interesting question: if you had 2 reshuffles in your deck,given that you didn't discard any, wouldn't you never run out of cards? Let me clarify:
So in this hypothetical situation, Player uses X cards, then a reshuffle. The cards get put in and the reshuffle goes out. Then, the player uses X cards again, and another reshuffle. The X cards returnto the deck and the reshuffle is removed. But what happens to the first reshuffle, sitting there in the discard pile? Wouldn't that get rehuffled back in as well? Then, couldn't the whole process repeat over and over again?

Actually, this is something I really want to know the answer to. Do the reshuffles get a special, separate discard pile of their own to prevent, as I'd call it, the Infinite Reshuffle?

Happy questing, Wizards!
-~=Jessica GreenRiver=~-


  1. Actually Reshuffle "reshuffles" itself, as well as the first Reshuffle. I only have one reshuffle in my deck and when I use it, it returns to my deck again. Basically you only need one reshuffle in your deck, unless you use them a lot. In this case you could discard some and use one, causing the other Reshuffles and itself to return to your deck.

    -James ThunderHammer, Legendary Theurgist

  2. ^Whoa, it says that I posted this exactly 3 hours later than I actually did. Strange, I posted this at 7:30 PM of December 2nd, 2012. Well I guess that's central US time or something. I live on the West Coast so...yeah whatever.

    -James ThunderHammer, Legendary Theurgist