Friday, August 27, 2010

Malistaire's Revenge...or maybe just Karma

'Ello, fellow wizpeeps. Today I was eatin' my noodles when suddenly....erm, never mind. The point is I'm really sick and if I were a cartoon, I'd be green like a pea.

Now I think it was not my SISTER who got me sick (ignoring the fact that she sneezed in my milk) but rather the Wizard101 gods. I'm betting my Storm Snowman that they were really ticked off when I got nearly all my GM gear (yup, your conspiracy failed. Ha!) and decided to get revenge...and cursed me with death by -insert disgusting symptom here-.

Maybe my fever just needs to break. I'm probably not thinking straight. In fact, I'm going to put my iPod down right now before -insert disgusting symptom here- decides to make another appearence.

Quick question everyone-
Does Hyde Park in Marleybone lag horribly for you? Because it always seems to for me. Just Hyde Park and no other area....

A Frosty would really be nice right now,
Jessica GreenRiver   

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