Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Great Year Behind, A New Year Ahead

Hello! I am back in the USA with killer jet lag and no New Years cheer whatsoever! 

Firstly, happy new years to everyone. I don't do resolutions because I always forget them by Feburary anyway. 

2010 was a great year, ITS and IRL. Hope everyone's was good too. Now, methinks it's time for this Theurgist to do some reflectin'. 

So what happened this year?
Celestia released, pet pavilion, gardening. Did I miss anything?
Also, I started blogging made a Twitter, so I guess I'm a #twizard now..? 

This past year, I've discovered a great game with an equally amazing community, had a heck of a time in the Spiral, and of course, spent hours trying to get my Desparagus to face my direction. 

Cheers to drunk poker parties outside my window.

Cheers to depressed veggies. 

Cheers to a great new year.    


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