Saturday, January 8, 2011

Legendary Life PvP Guide, Part I

---Written for players Level 58 and above---

     Part I: Overview

     This guide will be released in several parts. This part describes the general features and idea of the Life school and the advantages and disadvantages.

     With a big chunk of our spells being heals, it’s no surprise that we are the ‘healers’ of Wizard101. This applies in PvP too.
     We are responsible for keeping ourselves and our teammates in the fight as long as we can. We are the doctors, nurses, and hospitals of group PvP. Usually, when there’s a Life player involved, they will be the first target and the most heavily shielded and hit, plus expect a lot of Infection spamming. I suggest dying your clothes and/or stitching them.

     Features of the Life school:
1.    Healing ability
2.    Great minion
3.    High accuracy (90%)
4.    High health

1.    Minion is fragile (only 350 health)
2.    No Damage-over-Time spell
3.    Weak attacks
4.    No low-pip AOE (hit-all spell). The only one is the 8-pip Forest Lord.

     In 1v1
     Since there is no team for you to be healing, you’ve got to be offensive. Being a turtle won’t be fun, or productive. If you’ve got a decent power pip chance, chances are, you’ll be able to heal just as fast as your opponent will be able to hit.

     The main thing is to not be bogged down by shields. As a 1v1 Life wizard, your main concern is the Tower Shield, since Life shields aren’t very common in the typical PvP-er’s deck. However, you don’t have a Damage-over-Time spell (DOT).

     One thing to help overcome this would be to stay unpredictable. People expect you to Centaur at 6 pips, and they WILL shield accordingly. To avoid this, I suggest varying your attacks. Centaur one turn, Seraph the next. Keep the pressure on your opponent, not yourself.

     More on spells in Part II.

     In 2v2
     When playing your Life in 2v2, you play healer, but also the role of the buffer. Meaning: when you’re not healing, you can put blades, traps, etc on the players. Be active in helping boost your partner’s attacks.

     I only suggest taking on this secondary role in 2v2 because there are only 2 opponents, so you probably won’t be full-time healing. In 3v3 and 4v4, most of your time’s going to be spent fending off attacks, since there are more opposing players.

     Also, when choosing your partner, pick a “powerhouse” school, or a heavy-hitting school, like Fire or Storm. It makes up for your lack of attack power. And going hand-in-hand with this is: equip a wand of your partner’s school, so you can remove shields for him/her.

     Keep at least 1 attack card in your hand at all times. There will be scenarios when you need to be the one to finish the opponent off, if your partner’s hit didn’t do the job.

     In 3v3 and 4v4
     Forget attacking. You’ll be constantly assaulted with attacks, Infections, traps, and what-have-you’s. Play defensively and don’t try to spend your pips attacking, unless it’s going to decide the winner. A life wizard with 0 pips---avoid scenario at all costs.

     Worry about shielding yourself. If you die, your team’s just been thrown in a deep hole.

     Don’t get hampered by Infections. Use that handy-dandy Guiding Light spell to counteract it, or equip gear with good Outgoing Heal boost.

     If your team has 1 designated hitter, equip a wand of their school to help remove shields.

     Last Notes:
--Don’t be afraid to use treasure cards! They are available to anyone and everyone, so don’t hesitate to use them. Sometimes, it’s the matter of drawing that one Tower Shield that saves your bottom.

--As suggested by Kevin Battleblood, as a Life wizard, consider choosing a Life wand instead of another school's wand since many people do tend to carry Life dispels (Entangle). The upside: you won't have to dig through your deck for a low-pip card, since you'll have five more at your disposal to get rid of the Dispel. However, this does mean to rid Tower Shields and Weakness, you'll have to waste traps and blades.

     Part II next—Gear and Deck Setup


  1. One thing I would like to add to your post (wonderful tips and surface analysis, by the way!) is that Life players, especially in 2v2 and higher, may want to carry their own wand, for a larger pool of Rank 0's to remove Life Dispel. In 4v4 especially, when a Life player is "sniffed out" or discovered, they will be the target of a lot of Entangles. Wands are an extra 5 cards without having to realign your deck dramatically to ensure you have enough counters for those disables. Even with a Spritely pet on our Life player, Cassandra Dragonheart still carries a the wand of green.

  2. Thank you! However, one ting I've noticed is that people do tend to carry more Infections, rather than Entangles, since it is cheaper and timing it doesn't matter quite as much.

    But thanks for the insight, will make an edit on the post :)

  3. lol i am a lvl 65 life pvp warlord from 1v1 but i have no idea how i did it and accidentally removed me deck. i forgot what was in it and i do a lot of practice pvp tournaments but i forget what was in my deck, i just know that you have a huge advantage if you prevent your opponent from healing while you can still heal. when will you be putting part 2 up? thanks.

    PS: Can you add me in the game :P
    -James ThunderHammer, Legendary Theurgist, PVP Warlord