Monday, January 17, 2011

Maze Game Guide

Hey guys. Sorry there’s been no post for a while, but real life’s jumped on me and I can’t seem to throw it off. Anyway, today’s post is about the Maze Game on the Pet Pavilion.

By far, it is my favorite. The Dance game is way too repetitive, and I stink at the Canon and Gobbler Drop games. The Maze game has a bit of action to it, without being too challenging for coordination-impaired people like me.

Part 1: Meeting the Goal
In this game, you don’t get it easy. So how do you know how many snacks until a ‘Perfect’ score?

I haven’t experimented much with this, but I did notice that 70 and above snacks equals a ‘perfect’ score (+4 points of XP). You don’t get bonuses for getting more.

I believe somewhere between 55 and 69 is an ‘Excellent’ (+3 points of XP). More research may be in order.

Part 2: Avoiding Ghosts
Now anyone who’s played the Maze game knows about those pesky Lost Souls. When they touch you, or get within a certain distance of you, your pet is trapped in an ice cube for about three seconds.

So how do you avoid them?

The best trick would be to ‘cut corners’ as I call it. This trick only works when you and the ghost are turning the corners of the hedges. Stick as close as you can to the hedge and slip past the ghost. I guarantee that this will not always work J Also, you can duck into another route, and pick up a few snacks, then resume what you’re doing when it passes.

Part 3: Power-ups
You might see three or four stars around the Maze. What are they?

Blue: These stars are like the big dots of Pac-Man. They give you temporary invincibility and if you pass through a ghost, you get an equivalent of +5 snacks to your total. This is like the Tower Shield of the Maze game. It makes everything so much easier. Make sure you’re near a ghost (or preferably, two) then dash into that blue star and gobble away. Of course, with this being the most excellent one, there is only one of them in every game.

Red: These stars give you temporary boosts of speed. Useful anywhere! There are usually 2 or 3 of these in a game. However, be careful not to waste it trailing behind a ghost or getting stuck in a dead end.

Clock: You might notice little clocks floating around in the maze. These are also great to get. There are maybe 2 or 3 of these wandering around the hedges. They add +10 seconds to your time. Note: You start with 60 seconds, but you can get much higher than that.

Part 4: Navigation?
There is one spot in the middle, where all trails lead to and it has the big tree in the middle of the circle. That is the ‘Hotspot’ of the game. The tree is ringed by more than 10 snacks!  Also, a lot of the stars happen to end up here too. Beware though, the Lost Souls seem fond of the location as well.

On moving and collecting snacks…there are so many ways you could go through and pick up snacks. All I can give you is advice.

  1. Don’t get hindered by dead-ends.
  2. Pick a route that is abundant in snacks and leads you to the hotspot in the middle.
  3. Try to pick routes that don't have ghosts wandering in them.
  4. Play the game again and again so you literally memorize the whole maze (like me!).


  1. Cannon game is easy xD. Just aim low and MAX your power, etc. Maze Game is cool, but a bit long. But thanks for the guide :D