Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Excuses and Musings

Hey Spiralites. Sorry I haven't posted the past few days. Yeah, it's school. I've just been getting pile after pile of homework, not to mention the Science Fair as the cherry on top *shudder* I have yet to complete an experiment with good results. Then I had 2 quizzes. 
I've also been hard at work trying to produce a half-decent chapter for my FictionPress story. And the only other chapter is the Prologue :-/

So under this giant mound of excuses, I'm just trying to say, I'm still going to update this blog and go into the Spiral, but real life comes first, and TBH, real life is kind of overwhelming right now. So there may not be posts for a while, not that I have much to report nowadays. Sorry.

On a different note, I just re-read the book Uglies and as bad as it seems, I think their city has got something right. 

The thing is, technology advancements in medicine are made at a fast pace, meaning people will live longer and can have more children, but at what cost? 

At first glance, it seems like a good thing. More people can live longer, healthier lives. However, this just further serves to unbalance the Earth, because it had to work harder to support the increasing population and right now, we're literally suck our planet dry. 

A fellow classmate has pointed out: statistics show that some of the European countries are actually decreasing in population. However, the population in many other countries are increasing faster than the countries with a shrinking population are decreasing. So the scale is still wobbling to one side. 

Now in the world of the book Uglies, technology and medicine are extremely well-developed but the city enforces population control. They also preform an operation that keeps teenagers 16 and older in a permanently mellow state. Seems like horrible, mindless zombies? Well they are but the good thing is that there's no murders or robberies, nor are there wars. And no overpopulation. Just being happy and ignorant. 

There's a lot messed up with that world, but there's a lot right with it too. There might just be something we could learn from them.  



  1. That's one of the questions I often ask myself: Would I want to be a happy mindless sheep? Or aware and unhappy? Honestly, I'm thinking mindless sheep sounds pretty good at this point.

  2. Yeah. Being blissfully ignorant and playing Wizard101 all day :) That sounds nice.

  3. whoa, twin, you are currently pretty much paralleling in and out of game! same time got sick, was posting with touch, same basic school assignments and tests... o mmmm gg (in text chat terms)