Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Warehouse Slaughterhouse

Hey Spiralites! Exciting news today--at last, I, Jessica GreenRiver, have braved the dreaded warehouse and I finally have my own horror story to share (sorry, Paint was malfunctioning--so no screenshots today).

So first, we went into the Warehouse with a non-chat Diviner, 2 Theurgists, and 1 Sorcerer.

First 2 floors went without a hitch, except my deck wasn't very well-fitting, and the Diviner was kinda doin' his own thing, shielding and buffing only himself.

Then, the boss. What was his name again...? Anyway, we learned that AOEs weren't a good after 2 Tempests and Power Novas. The 3 of us just stopped and started to hit the Life and Storm skeleton minion, but Mr. Diviner never got the hint. He kept trapping (which doesn't work) and using Storm Lord. Then, I had to go after all the minions were dead. I wish you guys the best of luck facing the final boss /cue dramatic scary music.

And for anyone looking to try the Warehouse, here are some basic tips:

1st and 2nd floor-
Nothing really new here except all the monsters have 1,000+ health and ├╝ber resist. The 1st floor has 2 Balance and 2 Life, and the 2nd floor is 2 Ice and 2 Life.

3rd floor-
Full of red health wisps. Use them wisely. Also, there's a book (it should read RIGHT LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT) but I have no idea what that's for.

4th floor-
This is where I had to leave.
Keep in mind:
1. After you hit Boss (he's a crab dude) he summons a Life, Storm, and Ice minion.
2. They can use Rebirth, Storm Lord, Collossus, and other strong spells without having the pips.
3. After the minions are summoned, you must kill them before you hit the boss. The Life will use Rebirth every few turns and if you use a hit-all spell, the Storm will Storm Lord, regardless of pips.
4. The boss is Myth, and he uses a functioning Earthquake frequently. He can also Tower.
5. Take the minions out in this order: Life, Storm, then Ice.
6. Any trap put on will be immediately removed (unless it's a spirit/elemental trap, then only the one on the left is removed).

Annnnnd, that's about it. Happy questing and try not to die in the Warehouse, namely.
JGR :)

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  1. Note: Never do that place w/a Menu chatter ;). I've yet to see anyone come out alive with one in their group...