Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Assortment of Updates

Firstly, Wizard101 is celebrating its 2nd birthday. So, if you log in today, you will be assaulted by hordes of Treants and Ninja Pigs (I saw some ninja pig smack downs in Golem Court ). You can get your transformations by clicking the gift box on the left side of the game screen.

Secondly, I've got a plethora of personal updates and screenshots (well, actually just two):

1. Yes, that's right, I made another alt. She's Fire and her arch nemesis is the Harvest Lord (converts+Fire Elf=Ridiculous). Just turned Level 8 today and saving her training points for Astral Magic. Her robe bugs me; it makes her look lumpy. Lumpy isn't stylish :-/


2. I want to poke MooShu with a rusty fork. Again, the robe. It's like a magic wand that goes, "POOF!" and then your neck is gone! I mean, look at her. Do you see a neck there?

If I had to list clothing styles from worst to best by world:
Worst- Krokotopia...I don't dig the whole Egyptian look.
.......MooShu.......See rant below screenshot.
.......Marleybone...Classy but a bit too formal for my taste.
.......Wizard City..Classically wizard, me likey.
Best- Dragonspyre..The awesomeness of armor mixed with fancy-ish robes.

I heard that last year, on W101's first b-day, they gave out hats. Can anyone link me to a picture of one? Fingers crossed for a hat this year (and a special pet *cough cough*).

Now Neckless,

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