Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Spirit of the Arena

The Spirit of the Arena
Whew, I haven't updated my blog in forever, it seems! I guess that mountain of ever-increasing schoolwork is really boggin' me down. Plus, I've been in kind of a 'blog-writin'-block.'

'Kay, time to de-dust this blog :D 

The other day, I started PvPing on my level 13 Fire wizard. 

In one match, I was against a Journeyman Necro. He started off with a Power Pip and a regular.

At first, I was thinking: this should be easy. He wasn't shielding at all and up went a Deathblade, a treasure Spirit Blade. And up went my Death shield. He, using a Storm wand, took off the Storm shield I had on. Well I figured that was okay. I was at full health and a Kraken wouldn't kill me. He completely caught me off guard with his next move: a Triton. I'm guessing it was an enchanted one, traded before that update. It hit me for 800+ (must have been Monstrous-enchanted). I was left with little more than 100 health. Then he used a 0-pip stun (another TC). 2 turns later, he used a Wild Bolt, which hit 1000 (TC #3). And that was that.

I had the Firezilla in my hand the whole duel. Why didn't I used it, easily killing him? For the same reason I don't go around killing Lost Souls: it's not *fun*.
The main point of PvP is not to WIN, it's the fun of pitting yourself against others, testing your skills, the thrill of a successful hit, or a well-placed shield. It's the thrill of the chase, the kill. It's the lessons you'll learn, the great times you'll have, and the amazing people you'll meet that makes PvP so fun.

However, such things are easier said than done. Especially when our egos are involved. The draw of feeling superior and powerful drive people to do negative things. Cursing. Taunting. Using unfair advantages to ensure a win.

Now, all of this has been said before. But ask yourself: if the purpose of the Arena is to have fun and learn new things, what am I learning just by cheap one-hit-KOs? Or by degrading someone with rude words?


In the long term, this would actually be adverse for your PvPing career. Because you WILL meet people who shield intelligently. People who can counter your OHKO strategy. Lessons you should've been learning when you started PvPing.   

Just like a Sorcerer who only knows Judgement, you'll be getting a heck of a wake-up call in high-ranked PvP.

And it's not just aspects of the Arena itself. You could miss out on so many other things. Friendships you could've made. Good times you could've had.

So have fun; accept your failures as the world's greatest lessons and embrace them; offer a smile to your opponent. For that is the true spirit of the Arena.

Happy (early) Holidays, everyone.

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  1. Your blog is one I always go to when it pops up on Friendly's list, and this just reinforced the reason. Thank you for making my day better