Thursday, November 18, 2010

My First Ranked Match

Sorry I haven't updated this thing in forever. School, projects, all of that stuff. But....guess who won her first ever ranked match? 


Prior to this, I've only done PvP on Practice.

The matchup ended up being me and my Myth partner (Talon) against a Myth and Death. 

So me and my Myth teammate started the match going second. Immediately, I did a *heddesk* Going second usually prolongs a match for about half an hour. Annoying, no?

However, I got the feeling the other team didn't exactly know what they were doing. The opposing Myth passed twice and the opposing Death put up Elemental shields, which were no help against us.

In four turns flat, Talon whipped out a Medusa (and lucky for us, I had a Feint) and the Death was out. 

We thought we had it won, but neither of us had Infection and the opposing Myth Polymorphed into a Treant. However, with a very well-placed dispel, I managed to rid him of all his pips when he used Dryad ;)

Eventually, he used two Satyrs, but was knocked out by Talon's Medusa and my Forest Lord. The Myth followed soon after. 

I think we got lucky, too. I drew just the right treasure cards at the right time and we didn't fizzle. 

Good fight, it has really opened my eyes to the amazing world of Ranked PvP.

Whew, sorry you had to endure that super-long narration. I'll have my deck posted later; always opened to suggestions :)

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