Monday, December 6, 2010

The Meaning of Life...And a Whole Lot of Gushing

The Meaning of Life...
Haha, sorry if the title was misleading. And sorry, I have *not* yet found the meaning of life.  

But I reached 100 followers on Twitter and it's got me thinking: I've managed to make an impression on a HUNDRED people's lives with 140-character updates. It blows my mind that so many people would *care* what I'm tweeting about. 

It's been quite an eye-opening realization.

Of course, compared to, say, the Friendly Necromancer or Diary of a Wizard, it's nothing but a drop in the river. Still, it makes me happy to know that that many people *don't* think I'm spouting nonsense on a daily basis. Thank you everyone :)

****I'm sorry if this came off as gloating. I really meant it to be anything but. 

Everyone I've met in the W101 community have been nothing short of wonderful. And I think it's awesome how easily a newcomer (like me) could become a part of it so fast. 

To date, this has got to be the friendliest, most splendiferous  gaming community I've seen. So, a big chunk o' chocolate to everyone who makes the W101 community so darn cool :)

Whew, now wasn't that just all mushy n' gushy?

Happy Monday,

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  1. We really do have a WONDERFUL Wizard101 community don't we?? I've been welcomed to that community with open hearts, and that's what I love the most about Wizard101 so far. :^)