Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quirky Test Realm Quirks: Celestia

Today in the Test Realm, I noticed some weird things. I'm not sure if they were bugs or intentional changes.

1) Death shields disappeared.
Several people have already observed this on Twitter: Death shields have gone AWOL!
I was fighting Optio Agenor (?) today, Celestia boss, and he casts spirit shelds. However only the Myth and Life one appeared--but the death one was still there, hiding under its invisibility cloak! We discovered this when my friend tried to cast Wraith on Optio.
2) I can't draw treasure cards.
Not being hugely dependent on treasure cards, I didn't notice this until recently. When I discard a card, usually the "Draw" button turns yellow. But today...nothing. It seems that other people I was fighting with ATM *were* able to draw treasures. Computer's glitch? Anyone else have this issue?
3) No mana wisps in Celestia.
Maybe KI overlooked them? In any case, they aren't floating around in the CL Base Camp, or anywhere else.

And that's all so far. Thanks for reading!

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