Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Manners In the Spiral

Hey Spiralites. This is a little post about etiquette. Now, I know some of these have been said and I don't want to sound preachy, but bad manners can sometimes mess up your whole gaming experience. Weighty stuff.

So, my take on in-game etiquette:

1) Watch your language.
It's pretty inconsiderate when you're cursing your way around the chat filter and the wizard next to you turns out to be seven or eight. And it's just plain rude; anything a curse word can accomplish, is synonymous to another more appropriate word.
I especially have a bone to pick with the word, "Noob." I see Grandmasters throwin' it around like it's nothing. Yet, it's one of the worst insults that can go through the chat filter. Noob, deriving from the word 'Newbie' and 'Newb' means a new player unaccustomed to the game. However, over time it's becoming more like an insult. Nowadays, a 'Noob' is basically calling someone stupid, inferior.
IMHO, no one is a noob in this game. Or otherwise, we all are (or were), because every great wizard had to start somewhere. In the Spiral, it was in Unicorn Way, dying against Dark Fairies :)
2) In-game relationships.
You never know who the person on the other end of the screen is. That female necromancer who said she was twenty could turn out to be a teenage boy. And it just doesn't make sense to look at a computer-generated face (and there are only about ten options) and say, "You're cute." It's a computer game; how could you tell what they look like?
3) Joining battle circles without asking.
One of the biggest pet peeve of many players. Sure, we can all be forgiving when you're still in Krokotopia but from that point onwards, you should keep in mind: the other person may not always want you there. Maybe they got caught in the fight or had to log off soon. You being there would not always be a good thing to them. It's always better to ask before joining.
4)Begging and Scamming.
Passing through the Commons, I almost always come across a guy shouting "Mounts for Cards!" or "Can someone give me cards plz?" It's a nuisance to most wizards and creates an unpleasant atmosphere in the game. If you wouldn't beg in real life, don't do it in-game.
Random friending-Usually this is why I turn off friend requests. I don't know you and you don't know me, so why are you friending me?
Teleporting to friends-Just like joining battle circles, it's always better to ask.
6)Lose the 'Tude.
Picking on some poor Novice in the middle of a crowded realm while all your GM friends are behind you--not cool. It's just like bullying in real life; you think it makes you look cool but in reality, you look like a jerk. A cowardly jerk since you have to have all your friends around you while you're doing it.
Same with Warlords. I've met a few Warlords who belittle anyone and everyone below them. Common symptoms: using insults like "treasure noob" or "epic fail" every time your spell fizzles. Or possibly the worst, they're hitting on you the whole time trying to get a reaction when in the end, you win. Endless satisfaction there :)
But to summerize: this is not a dating serive. Looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend? Try eHarmony, not Wizard101.

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